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Party on the Moon

  While Party on the Moon is committed to helping improve children's lives, we also support those who better our communities. Through our Success Rocks! Program, we work with non-profit organizations to create FUNraising events that truly make a difference. 

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Making a Difference

“As a musician, bandleader and entrepreneur, my success has been driven by several principles that I believe are important to incorporate into any endeavor. And, I believe creating should not just be a solo process; however, I get to perform at some of the top events in the world, with the best agents, planners, decorators and caterers in the business. We collaborate to create fabulous events for our clients. There’s real power in co-creating. My motto: Where two or more are gathered in a spirit of support - wonderful things can happen.”

– Dennis Smith, Co-founder Party on the Moon

successRocks2We believe music and movement can change lives – it has certainly changed ours. I wanted to share my life experiences and love of music with more people, so I collaborated with a few special partners that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years with the same life goals. And, on of our first, official endeavor — Success Rocks! For Kids — was born.

Success Rocks! For Kids is a new way for young kids to engage, perform, and grow through the love of music and dance. Totally different from regular fine-arts classes, Success Rocks! For Kids focuses on modeling positive career and personal development through group play and public performances.

We believe positive role models equal powerful kids.

Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with entertainment professionals who bring personal experience and career knowledge to kids in a relatable way. Participants gain a love of the arts as well as the values of wellness, personal self-esteem, and team success.

Success Rocks! For Kids is offered in flexible, convenient programs:

  • In-school or after-school
  • Summer and Vacation Camps for intensive program
  • Schools, churches, and club programs
  • Customized time formats (1 hour, 2 hours, full-day, etc.)

We believe we make a difference through many of our endeavors, but we know that Success Rocks! For Kids is making a difference!

For more information contact:

Dennis Smith
co-founder of Party on the Moon and co-founder of National Party Bands:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Success Rocks! For Kids Creators and Partners

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Dennis Smith

Dennis is an acclaimed musician and producer who owns the nationally renowned party band Party on the Moon and the entertainment provider Official Party Bands. With more than 30 years in the music business, Dennis brings a well-rounded collection of knowledge regarding music and performing to Success Rocks!

Kimmie Gipson

Kimmie is one of the premier choreographers and dancers in the United States. A former dancer for the Philadelphia 76ers, Kimmie has performed and choreographed for esteemed artists such as Beyonce and Drake. Through her company, Kimmestry, Kimmie uses the art of dancing and movement to empower children through group dance instruction and "dance coaching."

Ellen Donahue-Dalton

Ellen is a global company and start-up growth driver who thrives on creating actual solutions to challenging market dynamics. Ellen is founder of Dalton Marketing Group, a firm she launched in 1998 that provides strategy and marketing program definition and execution. DMG partners with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations nationally to drive growth and market success in verticals including entertainment, healthcare, government, insurance, professional services and technology. Ellen currently serves as executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Medecision, a leading provider of care management solutions.