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– Dennis Smith


Born To Run

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Thursday, 06 August 2015 in Party on the Moon

Born To Run

       On one of our winter family vacations to Big Sky, Montana, when my three boys were small, we decided to go dog sledding in Yellowstone National Park. Our guide was a former dog trainer for dogs who ran the world-famous Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska. Some of the dogs on his team either were retired from racing or did not qualify for the team. After the truck ride to headquarters, he asked the group who would like to help put the sled harness on the dogs and, of course, the Smith boys and I said “yes” as we like to get the full experience.

      As soon as we had the first dog in the harness, all the dogs started going crazy with enthusiasm. They could not wait to get into the harness. The dog sled was chained to a big tree to keep the dogs from taking off. The boys were in the sled with the youngest in the front, the oldest in the back, and my wife behind them. I was the driver of the sled and stood up just like you see the guys do in the movies. Once the four teams of dogs were in the harness, the dogs began barking and jumping - I have never seen dogs this excited.

    Our guide was leading the first team, and he gave us all the following instructions . . . “Pull the lever to release the chain and hang on for dear life!” (I found out later that if a sled driver falls off his sled in the wild, there’s a good chance he will not survive. I was getting ready to find out why.)

     When our guide gave me the command to release the chain, it felt like the sled was shot out of a cannon. I will never forget the sensation behind the sled with the dogs pulling the Smith family. Fifteen minutes into the trip, our guide stopped the four sleds so the dogs could rest. He told me, “if you did not stop to allow the dogs time to rest, they would run until they could no longer stand. These dogs were born to run. It’s what they live for.”

    This was a reminder to me that maybe we were all born for a purpose. What if each of us has our own gifts to share with the world? There are those of us who like to teach, drive a truck, care for the sick, fix automobiles, landscape lawns, practice law or create dance moves. When I talk with people and ask them what they do, if they love it, they stand a little taller and talk with enthusiasm. I can sense when someone is living a life they care about. Sometimes, people are living their purpose and have lost touch with it.

     It took me along time to figure out how to make a living doing what I love. This is not uncommon. It takes as long as it takes.

      The dog sled run was a great reminder to live a life we care about – one that matters to us. Life is short. Let’s run our race with everything we have.


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