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– Dennis Smith


Breaks? Who Made That Up?

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 in Party on the Moon

When Ed Duncan and I started Party On The Moon®, we made the decision to have the band perform a nonstop show. I knew from experience that taking breaks kills show momentum and some guests leave during that time.  Also, from our perspective, when a band creates a performance, it sometimes feels like time is standing still. You look at the time and it seems to have flown by.  If you’re going through the motions, it can feel like an eternity. It’s better for everyone to keep creating and the energy high.

Our decision did not go over well with many bandleaders around the country. One day I got a call from a bandleader who said,  “You’re making our job more difficult. Clients are hearing about what you’re doing and they are putting pressure on us to do the same.” He was not the only bandleader who held the same view.

When I look around at other professions, I do not see any that work for 40 minutes and then break for 20. Imagine you’re having surgery and, after 40 minutes, the doctor announces, “Stay right where you are. We’ll be back after a short break.” Or, you walk into a restaurant and there’s a sign that reads, “Your hostess is on break. See you in 20.”

Is performing at a high level with Party on the Moon and all of our National Party Bands™ easy? No. Is it better for guests, clients and the overall event? Absolutely yes!

The decision to perform a nonstop show was one of the best decisions we made.  We applied it to all of our National Party Bands and today our organization is regarded to be the best in the business.

Many bandleaders who once thought we were crazy also perform non-stop shows today. It is now common across the country.

We are always looking for ways to “over deliver” to our clients. Sometimes, it means going against the grain of what has been done before.

I encourage you to look for ways to better serve your clients. You, too, might see a way things are being done and ask yourself, “Who made that up?” And, then, make a change. I’d love to hear about it.

Break time!


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