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– Dennis Smith


HIgher Power

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 in Party on the Moon

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to work with event producer, Rick Stowe, from East Coast Entertainment on a custom show in Atlanta for the 10th anniversary celebration for the Epilepsy Foundation.

The client wanted a 15-minute, high-energy, show to start the program. Rick suggested the Higher Power® Choir - an 11-piece vocal group that is part of our National Party Bands™ family. The choir features some of the best vocalists/entertainers in the country, including powerhouse vocalist, Alfreda Gerald. Alfreda toured with Yanni for 14 years, and has performed and recorded with Elton John, Celine Dion and many others. She can sing opera, blues, jazz, rock and roll, and R&B as good as anyone on the planet.

We all arrived at 5:30 for sound check and to run through the show. We decided to have the choir enter from the four rear doors of the ballroom, and walk through the room singing to the 500 guests as they made their way to the stage. The group had the magic from the first song.

We, at National Party Bands™, feel sound check is the most important part of the night. Many times, it’s the first time the client has seen the group perform live, and it gives them a chance to meet and work with the artist. The goal is to reassure the client that they have a professional group, who is comprised of nice people and is there to make sure they hit a home run with the guests. My partner, Ed Duncan, likes to say, “The off-stage performance is just as important as the on-stage performance.”

At 9:00 p.m. sharp, it was show time. The choir dressed in white robes with red collars, and took their places outside the ballroom doors. When the director from the Ritz Carlton gave the signal, the show was on. The guests were totally surprised as the choir made its way though the guests’ tables singing Celebration on their way to the stage. The guests at several tables were up on their feet. In just a minute, the room changed from a seated dinner to a celebration. The audience was all on the same page - united by the music and the message.

The show could not have gone better. The production crew, staff and the choir were all on point. We exceeded the client’s expectations, and the guests were thrilled.

The blend of the eleven vocalists was excellent. Earl Fleming, vocal director with Party On The Moon®, had worked with the group and the work showed.

Behind the scenes, one of the choir’s male vocalists, Tony Hightower, wasn’t feeling well. We tried to take some of the vocals from him, but he refused. He’s a true professional. He gave 100% and the audience never knew he was ill. As the saying goes, “An amateur does well when all the circumstances are right, the professional does well regardless of the circumstances.”

Once again, I was reminded why I love this business so much. I get to work with nice and talented professionals and, sometimes, I get to see magic happen. It happened again Saturday night. Thanks to Rick Stowe and The Higher Power Choir!


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