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– Dennis Smith


New Agent Old School Approach.

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Wednesday, 28 October 2015 in Party on the Moon

New Agent. Old School Approach.

I recently had dinner with a new agent at EastCoast Entertainment (ECE). ECE is the largest regional talent agency on the east coast. They have over 30 agents on their team and have been providing entertainment around the globe for over thirty years.

With over twenty years of corporate sales experience, I was surprised at how excited this agent was about the new position at ECE.

It was the first show the agent had booked for Party On The Moon®, and the agent’s biggest show as a new ECE agent. First, I was surprised the agent showed up - it was a holiday weekend. Second, rarely do agents take the time to drive four hours to see a band and spend the evening with the client. I was interested to find out the strategy of this new agent in such a competitive industry.

“My plan is first to know the products of our company, especially the high end products. How can I sell products I’m not familiar with? Second, I want to get to know my buyers personally. My goal is to match the client’s event with one of our products. The only way to do that is to know our products and my clients first hand.”

It was interesting to watch the client and the agent interact during the show. The client was having as much fun as the agent. Something special happens when people get together to celebrate an event. There is a bond that forms. As the show went on, you could see a relationship building between the client and the agent that was special.

When an agent comes to a show, it also impacts the band. Rarely do they get to meet the people behind the scenes who make the shows happen.

An economist won the Nobel Peace Prize for the theory called the principle of increased returns. It’s basically the more you have, the more you receive. I have found that the more an agent books the band, the more shows the agent books. Also, the agents who have the best relationships with the band, book the band more, as well.

With today’s technology, it’s easy to sit behind a computer and send videos to clients.

But, there is no substitute for building relationships with the artists and the buyers.

It was refreshing to meet an agent who can use technology and has the old school “build relationships” approach to business.

I have a prediction. Stacy Schnetzka in the Richmond ECE office is going to be a great agent. Here’s to relationships!


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