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Welcome to our Perfect Party Blog!

We want to share the best we've seen and experienced – as well as new, emerging ideas – with professionals in the industry and promote conversation with the best of the best! Our blog topics will promote conversations around the following and more:

  • Highlights from band members
  • How to develop new "edgy" world-class talent
  • Work with a bride and her wedding planner to create a dream wedding
  • Throw the blast of the year
  • Choose entertainment for your event
  • Customize events for maximum enjoyment
  • The core entertainment attributes
  • Why we created a non-stop show performance
  • The agency view and the entertainer's perspectives
  • The party host's perspective

Feel free to engage and add your own voice to the conversation. We hope to inspire the entertainment and music industries to continue to raise the bar to help create the perfect PARTY for years to come!

– Dennis Smith


New Party on the Moon Video

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Thursday, 06 March 2014 in Party on the Moon

We’re proud to announce the release of the new Party On The Moon® video. Our hope is that once viewed, you will have a better understanding of who we are, what we do and for whom we’ve performed. It’s a short story about the band and insights into what makes it tick.

Who would have known a chance meeting and partnership with Ed Duncan would result in the great history the band has today.

The film features Ed, several members of the band, clients and event producers. We enlisted David Joseph and David Rams of ParaLLax Podukt to direct, shoot and edit the film and fantastic photographs. Wendy Marrone of Dalton Marketing Group did a great job on the script. Jim Boling, our audio engineer, recorded the live mix.

Producing this video has been a wonderful experience. It has allowed me to take a look at what we have created, and share that experience with our agents, clients and fans. As the saying goes, “Sometimes a plan works. Not very often, but when it does, it is a beautiful thing.”

I’m very blessed and thankful for the success of POTM and our National Party Bands™ family.  And, I feel like we’re just getting started.

Please take a look and let us know what you think.


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