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– Dennis Smith


Rehearsal (Behind the Scenes)

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Wednesday, 01 May 2013 in Party on the Moon

At Party on the Moon, one of our key goals is to get our guests on the dance floor and keep them dancing during our entire performance.   I am pleased to say we almost always achieve that goal.  How?  Practice, practice, practice. 

Party on the Moon rehearses at least once a week. Every Tuesday we meet at  Party Central Management rehearsal studio in downtown Atlanta. This is the time we rehearse any special songs our clients have requested for upcoming shows.  We also work on the flow of our 100+ song, three-hour, non-stop set and ensure every song and transition is composed for maximum impact and energy.   [Our set is performed like a DJ; all songs follow one another seamlessly without gaps between songs.]

Rehearsals usually work this way.  The rhythm section rehearses for two hours, the horn section joins us and then the vocalists arrive for full band rehearsal. Once band rehearsal is over, Keyboardist and Vocal Director Earl Flemming works with the vocalists on harmony and blend. Our front line also rehearses chorography in front of mirrors. And, Choreographer Kimmie Gipson works with the band when she’s in town.  (Right now she’s on tour with Beyonce!)

During rehearsals, we constantly explore ways to keep things fresh and new, especially for all of our repeat clients. Experimenting with the band on structure and flow of the set is one of my favorite parts of rehearsal. When the band gets working on an idea, you never know where it will end up. Some recent changes include featuring our horn section and Mike, Jason and Jonathan on lead vocals along with our lead vocalist Jeff.  These changes have really opened the possibilities for song choices and have allowed costume changes during the show.   

We are on track to perform 80+ shows this year. Each and every show we do is important. Whether it’s a wedding in Nassau Bahamas for 100 people or for a gathering in Atlanta for 250,000 people this July 4th, we provide the same care and preparation. We have the best job in the world, bringing music to celebrations around the world. We have a blast and we are dead serious about.

As our drummer Mark Brown says, “Perfect practice equals perfect execution!”

Keep up the practice and hope to see you soon.

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