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– Dennis Smith


The Spark

Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Tuesday, 16 September 2014 in Party on the Moon

Recently, I had the honor to perform for my Sensei’s 65th Birthday Party and Taido Summer Camp. This was the 34th year of Summer Camp where Tadio Karate students, family and friends come from all across the country to spend a weekend at the beach training and having fellowship together.

On Saturday afternoon, six students tested for their 2nd degree Black Belt. They varied in age from college students to parents of teenagers. As the crowd of 400 looked on, these Black Belts gave a great performance. It was special to watch as each student reached for their highest and best in front of the Senseis  and the school.

Something happens when we’re fully engaged, doing something we care about, and reaching for our best.  You see it not only in the person who’s engaged, but you see it in the audience, as well. That spark has the capacity to ignite a desire of excellence.

As the kids watched the Black Belt test, I could see some of them with that look in their eyes as they saw what demonstration of commitment and doing your best looked like, and it was igniting the spark within them.

Saturday night, Party On The Moon® took the stage in front of the same group. With the kids in the front row, the lights came up and the band started to play. The audience had the same look in their eyes as they did for the Black Belt test. They saw the band fully engaged, reaching for the best in themselves.

For me to perform for my Tadio Karate school, in front of my fellow students and for my Sensei, doing what I love to do, was a memory that will last forever. Seeing the Black Belt test has inspired me to reach to aspire to earn my 2nd degree Black Belt.

My hope is that those who experience Party On The Moon® will be inspired to reach for what they care about. Who knows where that inspiration will lead. I believe we all have a gift.  It is up to us to reach for the best in ourselves, and develop and share it with the world . . . if we choose to.


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