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Party on the Moon

Party on the Moon Performs for Conway Mackenzie As They Throw A 25th Anniversary Bash In Detroit For $1.5 Million

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Conway Mackenzie Party


Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

"I heard nothing but praises all night about you and the band. The employees had more fun than the guest.

Everyone in the band are professional people as well as musicians. I want you to feel like you are part of a history here at The Greenbrier. That was one of the most important events of the decade. We archive everything!!! You are now forever in our history books of what makes our resort so different from all the rest. We pride ourselves on longevity and history, and treasure every chapter we create. Now you will be a treasure forever in our Hearts.

No this isn't scripted. I'm speaking from the heart, and I sincerely thank you and Party On the Moon!!" 

Corey Warlick,  Manager of Music and Entertainment - The Greenbrier Resort

"Party on the Moon did a fantastic job! Our attendees were very pleased. As always, they are true professionals, easy to work with and deliver a great show." 

John Matson, Alabama Nursing Home Association

"Thank you for giving our families the evening of a lifetime. You are incredible and wonderful. We will always cherish our "Party on the Moon" wedding experience!" 

Joan Katz, Happy Mother of the Bride

dennisSmithWithJayLeno"As usual, Party on the Moon  lived up to its reputation as being extraordinary.  I have given you the label as the best band in the entire world. You made our Gala of Hope  a very special event. Every place that I have gone since Friday night, people are singing the praises of Party on the Moon."

William R. Harvey, President
Hampton University

"POTM is the greatest show of all time! It's been two days since our wedding and the groom, guests and I are sore from our heads to our toes from dancing our faces off with you. Y'all are so talented, fun, and hard-working. Thank you, thank you! Best wedding ever!"

Maley Thompson

"Thank you! Everyone had a wonderful time! You guys were the best!"

Merle Norman Cosmetics

"I received a million compliments on how great you were, so thanks for another great show! We hope to see you guys again soon."

Sheila McLenaghan
SVP, Customer Relations

"Thank you! I have only heard good reviews! It seemed like everyone had a great time! Thanks for a wonderful show! I look forward to working with you all again soon."

Brooke Watson
The Mar-a-Lago Club

dennisBlueBackground"Thank you so much! Everyone with POTM was so great to work with! We have heard nothing but outstanding comments about our entertainment at this year's Gala event. What a great performance by everyone in the group!! Safe travels back home!"

Holly Hughes
Development, Marketing, PR Coordinator
WInter Haven Hospital

"Oh my goodness! Y'all are awesome! The whole town is raving about Party on the Moon. The evening could not have gone better.

 I think the things that set your band apart from others is the continuous play, variety of talented performers and the total package that you offer (light, sounds, etc.) - not to mention you are fun and so easy to work with. YOU made it so easy for us!"

Lori Quimby
Executive Secretary
Infirmary Health

"Thank you!  It was a pleasure meeting you and having POTM again. You guys are awesome to work with. Thank you too for your understanding the need to change the room. The hotel was completely sold out for Saturday night.

 Safe travels until we meet again!"

Shelly Sanders
Event Planner - Kauffman Tire

"We've heard nothing but great reviews and comments about the band! Awesome night!"

Phyllis Maynor
Special Events and Development Specialist
Memorial Health Care System Foundation

"Party on the Moon blew us away! WOW! What a great show! The rave reviews continue to pour in, and we are receiving numerous requests to have you back. We always love having you guys here, and I know Nicole and Jill enjoyed hosting you as well."

Bob Feagins
Kingsport Chamber

"Everyone enjoyed (once again) Party on the Moon! I heard several people say, "They just keep getting better!" Y'all truly made our event great! We're already looking forward to next year - January 24th at the North Charleston Convention Center! We'll see you next year!"

Pam Zaresk
President, Maritime Association of South Carolina

"Thank you too everyone for working together to make our 50th Birthday Bash a huge success.  We have had numerous comments on decor, laser lighting, location, food/cake and music. Some quotes we've heard:  "Party of the century!"  "Fabulous, at the top of the list!" The party will be one our friends will remember for a long time."

Debbie & Ellen
Happy Clients in Kansas City

"Thank you for creating the best party ever in Kansas City. We had a blast and have received rave reviews about Party on the Moon!! Turning 50 and we can still dance, jump and party!! Comments: Best Party Ever, Party of the Century, Party of the Decade. Top of the list. To me the band makes the party and you all did just that on Saturday Night!!!! We all had sore calf’s the next day! You are the best band in the country. Thank you and I hope you had a safe trip back to Atlanta. See you in the Bahamas for the Brooks wedding!!"

Ellen Merriman

"You know that Southerners, especially women, are all about a thank you note. Y'all did a fabulous job - it was everything Callie wanted - and the buzz around Jackson will be about Party on the Moon for quite some time. I'm glad that you and the band enjoyed your time here - that was our goal.

 I look forward to future opportunities to work together again!"

Crisler Boone

“The band was spectacular! I’ve received nothing but positive feedback across the board about both the Ball and Party on the Moon! It was an awesome evening.”

Event Producer

Duet“They (POTM) were awesome and we had an even better show than last year! I can’t tell you how nuts our crowd went for them! They were yelling for encores at the end!”

Jennifer S. Lord
Director, Meetings & Services
American Seed Trade Association

“I just saw the group perform at the Houlihan’s conference in Napa. Wow—they were fantastic! Great song selections…everyone was great. They made our night really fun.”

John Gaynor
Houlihan’s conference
Napa Valley, CA

"Party on the Moon was a smashing success as usual!  I heard so many compliments from the guests as they were getting onto the shuttles at the end of the night. Here is one I got from a guest today: 'It was a great series of events. Party on the Moon was a definite highlight.' We appreciate you and your team providing excellent entertainment!"

Event Producer

“On behalf of ASTA, we extend our sincerest thanks to you once again for an outstanding performance at the 125th Annual Convention in Orlando, FL. Your fantastic show was one of the best highlights of the entire convention and helped to make this year’s event very successful and memorable. We hope that you enjoyed the experience as much as the participants seemed to!

It has been a true pleasure working with you throughout the entire planning process. It was a great night, and I hope we might have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Thank you again for your support.”

Jennifer S. Lord, MTA, CMP
Director, Meetings & Services
American Seed Trade Association

“WOW! Party on the Moon is just wonderful! What a fun time the guests had with the music and dancing. Thank you for helping us with the information that we needed. You guys have it all entertainment and helpful organizational skills. I hope we have the opportunity to work with you again.” 

Event Producer

“Terrific band. Jazz, hip-hop, top forty, oldies. They have it all…great singers and dancers too. I would want them for every event we have.”

Dwight Moody
President, Wachovia Securities


“One of the big themes in the movie ‘CARS’ is that the journey is the reward, and in the case of our grand journey to Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, the rewards were enormous. You are a big winner in our book, and I thank you for being the very best at what you do.”

Lylle Breier
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

girlWithMic“Party on the Moon is the first band I’ve seen to master the size and muddy acoustics at Sacred Heart. Plus, their performance was wonderfully paced, with something for everyone in a crowd ranging from octogenarians to 20-somethings. For the first time, every one of over-worked physicians stayed until the band had to leave. I think the partygoers would have stayed hours longer as they were having a wonderful time.”

Catherine L. O’Shea
St. Joseph’s Hospital

“They performed with the legendary THREE DOG NIGHT at our convention in Washington, D.C. and got a standing ovation.”

Kim Starnes
Jack Henry & Associates

dennisWithChoir“A fantastic job. The client loved them. The dance floor was packed all night long.”

Lindsey Conway
PGI Washington, Inc.

“They were the perfect band for the Carolina Hurricane’s Stanley Cup Finals Celebration.”

Jim Lavery
Raleigh, NC Convention Center


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